Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Bear!

Hiii everyone...
Entry ni nak tunjuk blue bear Qeisha..u all nak tak???free jer..utk pelanggan celcom..
Haaa....suka tak world cup bear ni??????????
tengok tu Qeisha suka sangat.

* Type BOLA send to 22188 and then reload RM 30 or more to get a mobile voucher on your XPAX. You'll also be in the running for RM 10,000 and faster grab the Celcom Blue Bear while stock last. Promotion is valid from 17 May to 11 July 2010

Kami pilih Brazil!!!! ingat nak pilih Argentina, tapi dah habis dah..
@@@ saya pun suka blue bear ni..cute



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