Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love of coffee could hook you on drugs

Terjumpa kat yahoo news..then nak share ngan u all..
Love of coffee could also get you hooked on drugs -- so beware, warn scientists
Those who respond well to caffeine, found in energy drinks too, often enjoyed the effects of amphetamines and cocaine, especially in high doses, says a new study.

Not everyone who enjoys caffeine will abuse cocaine, they added, but the stimulating effects of these drugs make them particularly vulnerable, the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence reports.

The study is based on a group which was asked if it preferred caffeine to a placebo tablet. It was then given a type of amphetamine and asked to rate it. Most who liked the caffeine liked the drugs, the Daily Mail reports.

Stacey Sigmon, professor at Vermont University, US, said: 'People differ dramatically in how they respond to drugs.

'For example, a single dose of a drug can produce completely opposite effects in two people with one absolutely loving and the other hating the drug's effects.

'It is important to improve our understanding of these differences, as they may reflect key individual differences in vulnerability or resilience for drug abuse.'

The study is the first to demonstrate caffeine prospectively predicts the positive subjective effects of another drug.

note : syukur...saya ni bukan pengemar coffee . Bagi pengemar coffee di luar sana .., beware ya @ kurangkan pengambilan coffee..


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