Sunday, February 27, 2011

@ Luak esplanade

Weekend xtvt... family outings and leisure enjoyment @ luak esplanade. Bersantai bersama family tersayang adalah saat yang amat membahagiakan.
* The esplanade has a long stretch of beach facing the South China Sea. Sesuai sangat kalau nak joging di sini.
*The sandy beach is white and clean..
* My little princess Saleisha Qeisha sedang seronok berlari-lari.
* My little family...qeisha manja sangat ngan nenek.
*Best time to visit luak esplanade are during the weekends, Saturday & Sundays, as usually there are food stalls set up along the stretch with a variety of local delights,bbq, snacks and drinks to try.
* Its a great place for family outings and leisure enjoyment.
*People gather here to enjoy the ocean scenery, face the ocean breeze, have picnics in the afternoons - and in the evenings people participate in car audio and various lively activities during the weekend.:)
*Next time nak berkhemah pula kat sini. Tunggu waktu cuti sekolah, ramai2 with family kakak ipar.
That's all..babaiii..


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