Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shane & qeisha fun with bubbles..

Hai all..
Blowing Bubbles....

Indoors or outdoors bubbles can be lots of fun to play with. They can be little bubbles or huge gigantic bubbles, but they all do the same thing....they float softly in the air until something magically pops them!
Mykids very fun with blowing bubbles...
Qeisha blow bubbles dengan bersungguh-sungguh..sampai terpejam matanya.
:)     :)     :)     :)     :)     :)      :)
soo.. comel qeisha blowing the bubbles..luv this pic

Shane & qeisha syok layan bubbles...momy mereka dua pun join sama tau.Tapi tak yah show muka ya,malu weiii...its ok kan, join anak2.Apa yang penting?..HAPPY!! hehehe..;)


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