Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marina Bay,Miri

Hi all... Salam 1 Malaysia!
Petang Ahad lepas my family plan nak pergi bersantai kat marina bay, miri. Lokasinya tak jauh dari Taman Selera, Tanjung. Cuaca menjadi la plan kami. Layan pic2 di marina bay ya...
Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant view...

Shane and Qeisha with dady see the deep blue sea..
The sea in Miri is a deep blue that is rivaled only by the best beaches in Sabah. The gentle undulating waves and the cool breeze coming in from the beach makes the leisurely stroll from the car park (which is quite a distance away) to the restaurant rather enjoyable.

on the top pic...
The landmark of the Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant is a huge bronze seahorse facing the sea.
above pic...
seafaring vessels were parked there..

on top pic...
There is a wooden path surrounding the area beside the sea and it offers a great view of the coastline and the cityscape across the body of water.
above pic...
Shane n lovely kids
*enjoyed at marina bay miri...



  1. cantiknya tempat tu..angin tu nampak best jer

  2. arghhh..frust nda sempat pgi kia.hopefully nex trip to miri..yeahh

    btw,isha n mommy both cantik..

  3. siti:ya betul angin kat sini memang best.specially waktu petang
    mommyYen: ang frust..ila kitu baru.
    tq so much...

  4. cantik..tmpt cantik..model2nye pun cantik ^_^..!

  5. tq mamalieyna..posing benar2 time ni.hehehe



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