Saturday, March 5, 2011

Start the day right...don't Skip Breakfast

Happy Saturday 2 u all???
My breakfast this morning. I think this is a healthy breakfast.
Whether you work at home, on the farm, at the office, at school, or on the road, it is not a good idea to skip breakfast. Eating a good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. am i right?
Do you know???
*Skipping breakfast is a common strategy for losing weight, but not a smart one. Many people believe that they will lose weight if they skip meals, but that just isn't true; the body expects to be refueled a few times each day - starting with breakfast.
ok all...babaiii  :)


  1. aku dah join HB.reg under ku d au..senang ja

  2. sedapnya bekpes win..brekpes mmg pnting win..xelok skip brepkes..

  3. betul tu mommy...breakfast tu sgt penting.
    tp selalu jgk izan skip nih~

  4. mommyYen:idea nya aku dapat dari mingcafe.best2 menu diak..ok legi ku join
    hanim:thanks hanim, betul tu tak elok skip bfast
    izan:win pun kdg2 skip bfast, specially masa lambat bangun



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