Friday, April 22, 2011

Wish all christian a blessed Good Friday and a Happy Easter ...

This Good Friday....may the Love of the Lord, brighten your day, and bring your peace always..
pic from mr google
*Good Friday is then follow by Easter Sunday where the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. As you all may already know, a famous tradition of Easter Sunday is to decorate Easter eggs with all designs and colours and to hide them all around the house and garden only to have the children search for them with glee on a beautiful Sunday morning.
ok all..wishing u you are blessed good friday!..babaii


  1. hapy good friday to you and your family winnie

  2. happy good friday to u kak win.

  3. happy easter day dear .. :)
    have a nice weekdays dik :)

  4. semoga win bergembira yer..hepy weeken...



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